You light up the room !

A powerful skill to master
Being able to navigate chaos is a powerful tool these times. It is not a skill of our mind. Our mind doesn’t like chaos or change, especially not sudden changes and events which we cannot control. It isn’t equipped to master that. It wants to turn back to what is familiar, to what we’ve known in the past.

Only one way
There is only one way to navigate chaos and that is with inner peace, to reach for the stillness within, which is the power of the heart.

The heart is a mighty instrument. It is so much more than a mechanical pump that makes the blood circulate. It is an endocrine organ. It sends powerful signals to the brain to align it in a coherent state, in sync with the rhythm of the heart.

It gives inner peace, mental clarity and opens our intuitive intelligence. An intelligence far beyond what our five senses can observe.

Anchor into your heart
A very simple practice to anchor into your heart, when you feel scattered or very distracted:
sit down, close your eyes and imagine that you are breathing in and out through your heart as if it is a lung. It quickly slows and deepens your breathing and creates heart coherence.

Your electromagnetic field expands, which is measurable, and becomes very coherent. Meaning that every cell in your body becomes aligned and keeps you in a very good place of positivity. It has amazing benefits for your health as well. Sending out loving heart coherence affects other people with that coherence too.

Powerful presence
Some people light up the room as they walk in.
Some light up the room as they walk out.
Which one would you rather be?

An expanded, coherent field is your secret key to a powerful presence,
and a bright influence at once.

A simple practice to navigate chaos,
reach for inner peace
and bring light to the world.

We rise by lifting each other


Ruth Bracke
Empowering women to rise

Veel vrouwen willen graag een verschil maken, als partner, moeder… als leidinggevende of ondernemer. Elke verandering die we beogen, begint van binnenuit. We hebben onze aandacht teveel aan de buitenkant; zijn voortdurend bezig met wat anderen van ons denken. Dat houdt ons weg van onze kracht, die authentieke innerlijke kracht. De kracht die Wise Women met zichzelf en anderen verbindt.

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